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YPEJ Frequency Conversion Brake Motor

Product briefPerformance dataShape and installation dimensions
Product description YPEJ series frequency conversion brake motors are three-phase asynchronous motors with fully enclosed external reinforced chillers and additional disk-type DC brakes. It has the advantages of wide frequency modulation range, rapid braking, simple structure, high reliability and strong versatility. In addition, the brake has a manual release mechanism, which is widely used in various mechanical equipment that needs speed regulation and rapid stop, accurate positioning, reciprocating start, frequent start, and prevention of sliding as the main drive and auxiliary drive. For example, it is used in the lifting of transportation machinery and the dragging of walking machinery, the dragging of various metal cutting machine tools, printing machines, forging machines, cement mixers, woodworking machinery, papermaking machinery, rubber and plastic machinery and textile machinery. Product related parameters
Cabin seat no 63~280
Power 0.12~90kw
Cooling method 1C411
Working system S1
Energy efficiency rating 中国GB18613-2012 3级
Main specifications
Rated voltage 380V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Protection level IP55
Cooling method IC411
Working system S1
Insulation class F
Installation method B3、B5、B35