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YEJ Brake Motor

Product briefPerformance dataShape and installation dimensions
Product description YEJ series electromagnetic brake motors meet the requirements of national standard JB / T6456, and the electrical performance meets the technical standards of YE2 series motors. An electromagnetic brake is installed at the tail end of the motor. When the motor is de-energized, the brake disc of the electromagnetic plane actuator automatically presses against the back cover of the motor to generate a friction braking torque, which causes the motor to stop instantly. The no-load braking time is random. Small to large, 0.15 ~ 0.45S. The power supply of the brake must use power frequency power supply. Product related parameters
Cabin seat no 63~280
Power 0.12~90kw
Cooling method 1C411
Working system S1
Energy efficiency rating 中国GB18613-2012 3级
Main specifications
Rated voltage 380V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Protection level IP55
Cooling method IC411
Working system S1
Insulation class F
Installation method B3、B5、B35